Friday, 25 May 2007


Here are some of my very first amigurumi, made from the lovely crochet patterns at Garnstudio

I've always wanted to make cute softies, but haven't managed to find any patterns I really liked. But these are pretty funky.

They went to my boss's son(4) and daughter(0) when they were finished, as I really don't have the space for them. Apparently the octopus's legs are just the right size for grabbing by baby hands!

I also made these rather handsome young people from the same pattern range. I've never been great at faces, so they look a bit vague, but I thinnk its part of their charm. I really like the squiggly hair - made by chaining as many as you please, then putting 3 sc or dc in each chain.

My new bamboo crochet hooks are doing me proud (thank you husband). They are sooo much nicer to use than plastic or metal ones, once you get used to the weight.

The yarn is Jaeger Aqua, in lots of different colours. I love working with cotton rather than wool - the sturdiness of dc stitches is really tactile.

This amigurumi making has:

1. Left me with a huge amount of small quantities of brightly coloured yarn.

2. Left me with a hunger for more. Next I am going to work on a Totoro by request of my husband (who loves all things Ghibli) based on this pattern by heavens_hellcat and a small bear with what is left over of the brown yarn.

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