Friday, 11 April 2008

Guess what I did tonight?

I took a class in needle felting. Very exciting indeed. Inevitably I succumbed to the prettiness and bought a load of needle felting kit a while ago, and then realised that I didn't have the foggiest about what to make with it. Serendipitously though, my local craft shop was running a course for making teddy bears so I trotted along, fully expecting to come home with a half formed unrecognisable lump of fluff.

However, much to my (and the instructor's) suprise, after 2 hours of furiously poking merino tops with vicious needles (and creating several new holes in my fingertips in the process) I ended up with ...

Fred (who is looking miffed because the nasty instructor made him wear a girly ribbon).

Hoorah! A new crafty hobby!


Knitted Piper said...

OH MY GOSH !!!! that is the cutest thing !!!

Anonymous said...

oh wow! he's BEAUTIFUL! Adorable and such trusting eyes. i think i'm in love... R.

Vinitha said...

Cute craft work

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