Monday, 6 August 2007

Christmas in August

We went over to St Albans on saturday, and I managed to persuade husband that it would be a good idea to walk out to a fabric/knitting shop in the suburbs - Fashion n Fabrics. I did spend some considerable time in hi-fi shops to compensate for the long walk and dreary session in the shop though (I'm not entirely heartless).

I was absolutely amazed at the number of patchwork fabrics they had, all at reasonable prices, and I managed to get all the Christmas fabrics I needed for present making.

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It was slightly odd to be buying snowflake fabric on the hottest day of the year, but I'm glad that I am at least trying to be organised this year.

It was the kind of shop that sells all those little things that you have either been looking for for years but can never find, or never realised that you needed. So I also got 50 embroidery spools, which will go a small distance to organising this little lot. Note - if anyone else makes the journey to St Albans, which I highly recommend, it is useful to note that the shop doesn't take cards. Serendipitously, I had written a cheque that very morning to Jamieson & Smith for their shade cards, and had for some reason shoved my cheque book in my rucksack - phew! Of course, then I botched up writing the cheque as I haven't written one for at least a year, but the ladies in the shop were very nice about it!

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