Monday, 20 August 2007

musings of a secret pal

I wonder when my secret pal will contact me? I am incredibly impatient i know, but I do so get excited.

My imagination is brimming over with ideas and thoughts about what to put in my packages ...

I think I will make them up as mini-kits, as my treatee (is that a word - the only other way of describing it would be my 'downward secret pal' which sounds wrong) says she is fairly new to knitting, and she hasn't posted a lot of things on her blog so I'm assuming she is open to anything (heh heh heh!)

What do you think? Is this a reasonable secret pallish thing to do? So far I've been thinking sock kit, lace kit, felt kit?? with extra bits and bobs in there too of course ...

hmm. Thinking hat on and list making coming up methinks.

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