Thursday, 6 September 2007

Blog review #4

Time for another blog review methinks. I do have loads of crafty things to show you, but that requires me to be in the same place as the sun and my digital camera, which hasn't happened yet. Fingers crossed for this evening.

Anyway, this blog review is for the marvellous Brooklyn Tweed.

This is the blog that inspired me to see yarn colours differently. The amazing Hemlock Ring blanket, which is knit using a vintage doily pattern, but in heavyweight brown wool sounds nasty when you write it down, but has actually turned out divine. Jared, you are a miracle worker, producing gorgeous garments out of unassuming yarn. Oh, and he spins too, of course!

  • Reasons to visit this blog: To make you think beyond the temptations of all the funky trendy yarn out there and take things back to basics.

  • Things to see: Lots of different knitted items, all lovingly presented and photographs

  • Favourite post at the moment: It is still the BSJ, which inspired me to make my own and I've not looked back!

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