Monday, 3 September 2007

Photos (not mine, but nearly)

Husband has gone digital (hoorah!) and has started uploading his rather marvellous nature photos into flickr.

Anyone wanting to give him a little encouragement (for which I will be eternally grateful) please have a look at his pages:

Beardy man (yes, that was the best we could do for an anonymous name)

and my input? Several hours spotting wildlife for him to take photos of ...

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Pennie & David said...

Loved the photos, loved Fountains Abbey. I wanted to visit FA last time I was in the UK but we ran out of time, isn't that where they filmed The Secret Garden or was it some other English film? We did spend some of our last trip going from film site to film site. Are you in Yorkshire?? My DIL comes from Kirkby Malzeard a beautiful little village. cheers Pennie