Sunday, 16 September 2007

Scatterday #4: no pictures, just ideas

Oh deary deary me. There has been a small glitch this week, which means that I can't upload my scatterday pictures at the moment. For some reason my computer will allow me to upload pictures of cute cats, but not things beginning with Q. Sigh. But in the spirit of the thing, here is my entry for this week anyway, which I will redo as soon as my computer stops playing silly b**gers.

This weeks letter sent me running for the dictionary, which is always an exercise in education.

So, I have discovered that a Quadroon is a person who's parents are a mulatto and a white person, so is one-quarter black by descent; a Quaich is a traditional Scottish shallow drinking cup with 2 handles; Quartan is a mild form of malaria where the fever recurs every 3rd day; and a Quean is an impudent or badly behaved girl or woman.

All very fascinating, but not particularly helpful. However, after much deliberation I bring to you the Triplet of Qs:

  • A quaver from husband's latest piece from his piano teacher
  • A quadrangle (at Durham Cathedral)
  • And some rather dodgily drawn Quidditch robes!


Michelle Watters said...

Sounds great - hope we get to see them. Being an HP fan I need to see those Quidditch robes.

Anonymous said...

I work in a shop that sells Quaichs!

rosie (who has found your blog via Ravelry's SP 11 group)