Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Finally, an excuse to crochet!

As if I needed one.

But at long last, one of my friends has taken it upon herself (with her husband of course) to have their first child, which will (all being well) be born in December 2007.

All very exciting, and it means that I now have a legitimate excuse to make baby clothes, toys, afghans, and general zakka, without scaring my other half or cluttering up the house.

So, the ideas bublling out of my overful brain so far are:

1. Soft waves ripple afghan in Garnstudio Muskat DK cotton yarn, in funky bright colours.

2. Patchwork/applique ABC book. Could take a little time, but doesn't need to be done until he/she is learning to read.

3. This amazingly cute set if it turns out to be a girl (terribly sexist I know, but babies bring this kind of thing out in you)

4. This octopus (by request)

5. A patchwork textured play mat, to be made in conjunction with Laura and Jen. Get ready to cut up those old jeans girls!

6. And no doubt umpteen other things that I find and that make me go 'aaah'.


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