Monday, 25 June 2007

one more post for today

to complete the set of crafty posts - we have had knitting, crochet and sewing (potential), here is my latest scrapbook page.

The photo isn't great, as I was trying to fend off a wild beast intent on killing my feet at the time and the sun was shining a little too brightly (shouldn't complain I suppose).

I am really pleased with this - the pictures are the earliest ones I have of my parents - the one on the right is their wedding photo, complete with huge hat on the part of my mother.

The two on the left are dated 1972, which would make my mum 19 and my dad 25.

I stitched on some of my left over wedding shawl organza (the pink fabric), and used a couple of olive green ribbons to highlight the offset photos. The photos themselves are attached to dark green vellum with photocorners and then glued in place. I added a few antiqued letters so that I will remember what these are in future, as I had to trim off the dates where the photos were going manky round the border.

I have a whole album of photos from my mum, dating from these up to when i was about 16, and as they are not in an acid-free album, I have the perfect excuse to scrapbook them all (ha ha! - evil laugh - off to the craft shop I go!)

I have this to be going on with, courtesy of my wonderful husband who saw my pleading looks while we were in Paperchase the other day.

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