Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Pussycats - off topic, but very cute

big catsmall cat
We finally got round to getting our very first pussycats at the weekend. Cats Protection North Herts came up trumps with a pair of 8month old kittens, brother and sister, who were found as strays a couple of months ago.

OK, so we weren't actually looking for two cats, and husband really wanted one that looks like a tiger, but that's the way with animals.

Big cat (on the left) is about twice the size of his sister, and looks like Felix. He started off being very timid, refusing to come out of his carrier for the first 6 hours at home, but perked up at the mention of food (typical boy). Yesterday he was a changed cat, killing everything in sight and terrorising his sister.

Small cat is a sweetie, a bit of a fidget but very friendly. She is black with ginger underfur, so who knows what colour she will turn out in the end. Fortunately, she can hold her own when attacked by big cat, and is clearly the boss - telling him off and ordering him to clean himself properly - just like a proper big sister!

Their favourite game last night went as follows ...

  1. Big cat and small cat sit at the bottom of the stairs
  2. Big cat give the word and they both bolt up the stairs as quickly as possible (sounds like thunder).
  3. Small cat hides under the futon.
  4. Big cat pretends that he doesn't know where small cat is, and calls her.
  5. Big cat goes looking for small cat in the bathroom
  6. As soon as he is out of sight, small cat runs out from under the futon, and leaps into the bathroom to surprise big cat.
  7. Big cat chases small cat downstairs again.
  8. Repeat ad infinitum.
Sometimes they varied the game as follows - big cat would pretend to go and look for small cat, but would actually go and hide in the bath, so that when small cat went to surprise him, he could leap out at her instead - such fun!

just had an update from husband - apparently when he left the house this morning they were both sitting on a high windowsill, on top of my chitting potatoes (fortunately no longer needed). Am frantically racking my brain now to remember if there is anything dangerous on surfaces or shelves - we shall see what destruction they have wreaked when I get home I suppose!

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