Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I am nearly 5 inches into my first ever pair of knitted socks! Thanks to a sock-knitter from my knitting group, who inspired me to request this book from the library,

Easy knitted socks: fun and fashionable designs for the novice knitter
Jeanette Trotman
ISBN 9781844482146
and once I had found the 2.5mm dpns in a charity shop there was no stopping me!

So here is my first sock effort: OK, so I botched up the rib to main sock transition, when I knitted instead of purling, but I guess I'll just make the sock a bit longer, and fold over the (rather loosely knitted) rib section to hide it :-)

My sock knitting inspiration's blog, with most marvellous socks on it amongst other things is to be found here: Random knitter

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