Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Pins and needles

Well, the jumble sale was a bit rubbish, and the local charity shop has had a makeover and has no bargains to be seen ... except ... they had a whole sackful of knitting needles!

So now I have a set running from UK size 13 to 6, plus a couple of extra random pairs, a stitch holder, some double pointed needle sets, a row counter, and a gigantic Tunisian crochet hook - all for the princely sum of £2.50.

I also snaffled a couple of jumpers, one of which I failed spectacularly to felt in the washing machine (it was Jaeger and therefore too good quality to felt methinks, despite being 100% shetland wool) and made a little bit of a mess of the other things in there (sigh); a large ex-hotel cotton sheet for backing my wallhanging; and a couple of funky stripy teatowels. But all in all quite disappointing.

Still, Saturday was Letchworth's continental market day, so husband and I had tartiflette for lunch and got free samples of some loverly salamis.

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