Tuesday, 17 July 2007

teacosies, booties, ships a sailing

Quick post this evening, as we are off to see Harry Potter at the cinema, and I have to make pizza.

These little cuties are my latest knitting escapade. They aren't quite the same, and the seams aren't really neat (can't get the hang of keeping my selvedges tidy), but they are at least functional. The pattern is called Saartjes Booties from Saartje Knits and I've knitted them in 4-ply cotton. They are very simple, once you have got the hang of something called a long-tail cast on (think I have - v complicated)

In other knitting news, my tea cosy languishes unused and unfinished, as I still haven't found a teapot to fit it (and therefore don't know where the holes should be. But I'm off to Ikea on Friday all being well ...

Finally, non-knitting related news - I've pasted together the first of our patchwork blocks for Fran (don't look below Frances Mayou! you'll spoil the surprise)

this is my first go at applique, and I used the method described in various posts on blogs - I cut out the exact shape I wanted (in reverse) out of freezer paper (waxed on one side), then ironed it on to the wrong side of the fabric. Then I pritt sticked all round the paper and folded over the seam allowance as neatly as I could (not very then!). I snipped the curves as I went, and now have lots of neat shapes pinned to their background. Suppose I'd better start sewing them on!

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Cristina said...

the booties look lovely and i like the water botle cozy! where did you get that pattern? I've got my naked, hehehe, and i was thinking of doing some clothes because it is very cold :)